Dr. Tapp was born in a very small, rural town named Pardeeville - located in southcentral Wisconsin. Her mom would have to travel to Cadiz, Kentucky every year to serve her 2 weeks active duty for the military and would always bring the whole family with her. This is how Dr. Tapp fell in love with Kentucky. 
Dr. Tapp attended Murray State University in Murray, KY and there received her Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture. Her plan was to attend vet school and become a veterinarian, but God had other ideas. During her sophomore year of college she was introduced to a chiropractor and the rest is history. 
She had always suffered from migraines and chiropractic finally offered her relief. She began working for him and seeing what chiropractic could do. Upon applying to vet school she thought she should have a back up plan so she went to a preview weekend at Life University in Marietta, GA. That preview weekend changed her life. She felt she was being called into the chiropractic profession and therefore rescinded her vet school applications and moved to Georgia. Upon graduation she knew she had to find a way back to Kentucky and she did! Throughout this time she has seen the miracles chiropractic gives, most closely with her mother and previous patients. In fall of 2021 she decided to branch out on her own and create Tapp Into Chiropractic. 
Dr. Tapp is married to the most wonderful husband Jared and is a proud mom to her furbabies Babe and Hank. She loves to dabble in many different things and always loves learning more. She enjoys traveling, lots of sports, family time, friends and of course coffee. Don’t be surprised if a random impromptu dance party happens in the office either! Dr. Tapp is all about having fun and making the world brighter and she cannot wait to meet you and help you live your best life!
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