Tapp Into Chiropractic is all about you. We adjust the spine as well as the extremities and use some muscle work to eliminate subluxations and relax the muscles to bring you closer to the level of healing where your body will heal itself and hold adjustments as long as possible.
Subluxations are when one of the moveable bones in the spine moves up, down, left, or right 1-5mm. This puts pressure on the spine and creates nerve interference within the body. By adjusting the subluxation we remove the nerve interference and allow the body’s innate intelligence to heal itself and restore homeostasis or balance to the body and it’s systems. 
Think of the body’s innate intelligence like the invisible man running the show. If you cut your finger you don’t have to think about it healing - it just heals itself naturally. That’s what we want your spine to do as well! These subluxations can be caused by a multitude of things including traumas, thoughts, and toxins. 
Make an appointment today so we can explain more and get you on the road to better health and healing!
What We Treat
Techniques Utilized
Dr. Tapp mixes a variety of techniques to optimize your body's healing power.
Drop Table
Upper Cervical 
Chiropractic Biophysics Posture Adjustments – CBP
Full Spine Diversified
Extremity Adjusting
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